Dirty Girl: A Worm Poops In My Palm (And Tips On Feeding Your Worm Bin)
December 7, 2009, 12:16 pm
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eisenia fetida vermicomposting on my palm

Caught in the act! It pinches a petite loaf.

Man oh man. With the recession, the weather, my broken heater, and this unyielding cough, lately it feels like everything is shizzing on me, every last thing. Yesterday, I try to take solace in the one act that brings me peace: feeding my worm bins. And then what?

This homie drops a stinky kid off at My Hand Lake. Continue reading

Apopcalyptic Column Debut! Dirty Girl, My Life Composting With Worms
November 9, 2009, 11:54 am
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worm slippers vermicomposting

Worm up to slipper maker Esther Nijdam

While most get sucked in the e-muck of Perez or Facebook or YouTube, I age gracefully trolling websites about worms — glorious, segmented, slimy worms. Among my fave sites is brillz blog Red Worm Composting, from which I swiped the above pic on awesome post “Interesting Gift Ideas For Worm Fanatics.” Yes. You now know what to get me for Jizzy Chrizzy’s bday.

I love worms. I have two bins of worms transforming food scraps into “black gold” that I put on my plants. Over 2000 earthworms eat, sleep, poop, and make worm bebes doing the worm nasty in my apartment. It’s called vermicomposting, an eek-o chic way to deal with waste… Continue reading