Ye Olde Tights, Ta-tas and Turkey Legs: The Last Day of Ren Faire
September 21, 2009, 7:16 pm
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Unsheathe that pec-tacular babe's bodkin!

Anon! Unsheathe your bodkin, pec-tacular babe!

Huzzah for the Renaissance Fair in Tuxedo, NY!

My first Ren Faire was the season’s last. On Sunday I joined wenches, wizards, knights, gypsies, the elf-eared, horn-headed and just plain horny (corsets/bewbage+D&D nerds= level 29 erections) for a final fairy-dusted fix.

Fun? Sure. I shot arrows and threw axes and stars and knives. I drank mead (like a white Manischewitz) and munched a turkey leg (bland with BBQ sauce). I watched one guy blow glass and one smith metal. Others brawled over the size and skill of their lances.

So what if the orange ices weren’t the sugar-soaked globes one friend remembered, and the George Washington Bridge was a pain in thine arse coming home? The medieval mini-mall evoked a simpler time when layers were sexy, steak came on a stake and The Salad Toss was a bean bag throwing game and not a dirty euphemism for chamber potty-brains.

Have you got a Ren Tale to tell? A facinerous fetish of yore? Dish!