Taos Ski Valley’s 21-Year Old Snowboarding Chef Vincent Reif
April 13, 2010, 3:18 pm
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Chef Vincent shreds major...lettuce.

Yes, I’m frostsmitten. Winter’s barely over and I already miss snowboarding. This season I made it out to some amazing resorts in New Mexico, among them the steep-steeped Taos Ski Valley. The family-run resort is largely expert terrain, but who knew it served up talent on the slopes and in the kitchen?

It turns out the cooksmith who designed and delivered the delectable dishes at resort restaurant Rhoda’s is a 21-year old Kansas kid named Vincent Reif. What a McTwist! The Pop caught up with him between runs to get the scoop… Continue reading

Dirty Girl: A Worm Poops In My Palm (And Tips On Feeding Your Worm Bin)
December 7, 2009, 12:16 pm
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eisenia fetida vermicomposting on my palm

Caught in the act! It pinches a petite loaf.

Man oh man. With the recession, the weather, my broken heater, and this unyielding cough, lately it feels like everything is shizzing on me, every last thing. Yesterday, I try to take solace in the one act that brings me peace: feeding my worm bins. And then what?

This homie drops a stinky kid off at My Hand Lake. Continue reading

Freebie Jeebies: A Mormon Clothing Swap (But Sigh, No Full-Body Undies)
November 16, 2009, 2:45 pm
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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Swap Meet, Inwood

No Big Love for Mormon Clothes Swap.

Really, I was just jonesing for this coming weekend’s SCORE! Pop Up Swap at 3rd Ward, a freebie-for-all orgy of unwashed hair and hipster haul I kind of can’t wait for. But lo! While scouring the New York City Freecycle site, I came across an uptown, a very very uptown, an Inwood-may-as-well-be-the-North Pole uptown clothing/goods exchange at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Here’s a review of the scene… Continue reading

Apopcalyptic Column Debut! Dirty Girl, My Life Composting With Worms
November 9, 2009, 11:54 am
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worm slippers vermicomposting

Worm up to slipper maker Esther Nijdam

While most get sucked in the e-muck of Perez or Facebook or YouTube, I age gracefully trolling websites about worms — glorious, segmented, slimy worms. Among my fave sites is brillz blog Red Worm Composting, from which I swiped the above pic on awesome post “Interesting Gift Ideas For Worm Fanatics.” Yes. You now know what to get me for Jizzy Chrizzy’s bday.

I love worms. I have two bins of worms transforming food scraps into “black gold” that I put on my plants. Over 2000 earthworms eat, sleep, poop, and make worm bebes doing the worm nasty in my apartment. It’s called vermicomposting, an eek-o chic way to deal with waste… Continue reading

Bite Me!! Interview With A Vampire: Seregon O’Dassey
October 18, 2009, 3:47 pm
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Seregon O'Dassey: The lady's a vamp.

Seregon O'Dassey: The lady's a vamp.

I recently met real-life, vampire-since-7 Seregon O’Dassey, a subject in the new series “Vampires Revealed” on Comcast On Demand’s Paranormal channel.

Tucked in a corset that cuddled an Iphone betwixt da bewbs (no gum or fax machine though, I asked), the actress/model dished on how the Dracula set does their thing.

Apparently, like celebrities, they are just like us! They go clubbing, visit museums, and listen to Depeche Mode. They are lawyers, nurses, musicians and have government.

So what sets them apart from the rest of us? Hmmz, something something slurping blood something? If you’ve got the lust, read on… Continue reading