Taos Ski Valley’s 21-Year Old Snowboarding Chef Vincent Reif
April 13, 2010, 3:18 pm
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Chef Vincent shreds major...lettuce.

Yes, I’m frostsmitten. Winter’s barely over and I already miss snowboarding. This season I made it out to some amazing resorts in New Mexico, among them the steep-steeped Taos Ski Valley. The family-run resort is largely expert terrain, but who knew it served up talent on the slopes and in the kitchen?

It turns out the cooksmith who designed and delivered the delectable dishes at resort restaurant Rhoda’s is a 21-year old Kansas kid named Vincent Reif. What a McTwist! The Pop caught up with him between runs to get the scoop… Continue reading

Clash of the Clucks: An Amateur Chicken Wing Eating Contest at Velvet Lounge
February 4, 2010, 4:37 pm
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Matthew L Bobiak sweeps Clash of the Clucks

What the cluck?! The champ just winged it!

Who knew Long Island loins were laced with such precious pixie dust, resulting in superstar spawn including Billy Joel, Harvey Milk, Walt Whitman and its newest It-Boy, Matthew L. Bobiak.

Gloating grease-stained and triumphant in the pic above above, the full-time science nerd/part-time chicken-chomping champ studies at Stony Brook University. New to competitive nom nom nomming, this  fowl player entered and won his first chicken wing eating contest last Sunday at the Velvet Lounge, downing a gristly 65 wings in 15 minutes… Continue reading

International Pickle Day, NYC: Whut da dill, yo?
October 6, 2009, 12:29 pm
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Sour power.

Sour power.

On Sunday, I picked a peck of fickle foodie pals and hit up the NY Food Museum’s ninth International Pickle Day. A brine time was had by all (minus the chick dressed like a pickle, who had a real sour puss), during an hour of sampling. Bite-sized snacks ranged from kimchi to PB&P (peanut butter and pickles, natch)(oh gawd, aPOPlogies, i hate the word ‘natch’)… Continue reading