What You Krave: ATL’s “Ghetto Pop” Girl Group
February 19, 2010, 1:37 pm
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Krave: Ghetto Pop R&B Girl Group

Living in A Krave? Your roomies: Chanel, Shan Q & Jazz.

Oh, pardon me! I didn’t mean for my buttockular bouncin’ backside to bump into your soy latte. It’s just that I’m listening to Krave, you see. Yes, Krave. Krave? They’re the awesome booty jam/club banger/independent lady anthem makers from the ATL!

Not ringing a bell? Don’t feel the fool. Though they’ve collabo-ed with Flo-Rida and Akon, the group — Chanel Ross, Jasmine “Jazzy” Kearse and Shanquilla “Shan Q’ Robinson — is relatively under wraps until their debut drops this fall.

In the mizzy tizzy, read on for The Apopcalypse’s chat with the girls and a listen to their new song, “Go Crazy”…

It’s lunchtime. What do you girls Krave?
Shan Q: Oooo. Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream with a Sprite!
Chanel: A big piece of sweet potato pie popped up in my mind.
Jazz: My favorite restaurant in Atlanta is Flying Biscuit and they have shrimp and grits with an oatmeal pancake. And a glass of orange juice.
Chanel: Isn’t that an odd combination?
Jazz: It’s a southern thing! Oh, oh! And one last thing! We are Kraving a number one album!

Tell me about yourselves.
Jazz: I’m the grandma, the mom type, a nurturer. I’m also a Scorpio so I do have an intense side. I love anything with the arts — going to museums and jazz clubs, painting. I’m the artsy fartsy type.
Shan Q: I am the Punky Brewster in the group. I can’t never stay at home, I can’t sit in one spot. I’m a jitterbug. I’m the rapper, I bring the hip hop element to the group. Jazz is the R&B sensation, Chanel is the alternative head.
Chanel: I’m the more goofy of the three, but I am also quiet. A lot of times I won’t say much. I am a Sagittarius. I am a very free spirit. I do what I feel like doing.

What was life like before Krave?
Shan Q: I was a back up dancer, on tour with Ne-Yo and Ciarra, traveling across the country and living my dream. I eventually came back home to my girls and decided music was the thing.
Chanel: I was in school to be a psychiatrist but doing music on the side, writing records and trying to get put on. When Shan came back we decided to put the group together.
Jazz: I was in school at Georgia State to be a journalist. I actually wanted to work for Vibe.

What were the early days of the group like?
Shan Q: Oh my god. We were in the basement or in someone’s broke down studio practicing songs, doing dance moves in the mirror. That was Krave, with hair brushes, lotions, water bottles, throwing off our shoes, sweating — just going crazy. And it eventually led us to [Upfront Megatainment CEO] Devyne [Stephens] . And God is good, God is good.

Tell us some lessons you’ve learned as a group.
Chanel: We are really big on respecting each other. Never really any cat fights; we are grown women. I would also say you definitely have to know that this is a business and it’s not just glitz and glamour.

What’s not glitzerous?
Shan Q: Uh, like, every day of rehearsal? Waking up at 10 o’clock in the morning and working out and being sore as ever afterwards?  And then in rehearsal from what 8 o’clock in the evening to after midnight and then getting up that morning to do something? Child! It’s not easy. That’s not the pretty part.
Chanel: Just to add to that, there’s the politics behind the music industry. There’s a lot of stuff you guys don’t see that we’re not really fond of.

Like, “Video ho…activate!”
Jazz: Yes. Yes. Sometimes people think it’s the label, but it’s not even always them. Just the people around you. Being young and being in the entertainment business, people just pressure you to do things because they think that sex sells.

I love that you guys are hot without being hoochie.
Jazz: We’re southern belles and our mothers taught us well so we know the lines not to cross. We do  stress that women  should embrace their sexuality and not at all are we saying that if you wear a miniskirt and a bra top it’s inappropriate. Do you. But at the same time, if you’re not comfortable with it don’t do it. Know your boundaries.


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