What You Krave: ATL’s “Ghetto Pop” Girl Group
February 19, 2010, 1:37 pm
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Krave: Ghetto Pop R&B Girl Group

Living in A Krave? Your roomies: Chanel, Shan Q & Jazz.

Oh, pardon me! I didn’t mean for my buttockular bouncin’ backside to bump into your soy latte. It’s just that I’m listening to Krave, you see. Yes, Krave. Krave? They’re the awesome booty jam/club banger/independent lady anthem makers from the ATL!

Not ringing a bell? Don’t feel the fool. Though they’ve collabo-ed with Flo-Rida and Akon, the group — Chanel Ross, Jasmine “Jazzy” Kearse and Shanquilla “Shan Q’ Robinson — is relatively under wraps until their debut drops this fall.

In the mizzy tizzy, read on for The Apopcalypse’s chat with the girls and a listen to their new song, “Go Crazy”… Continue reading

Clash of the Clucks: An Amateur Chicken Wing Eating Contest at Velvet Lounge
February 4, 2010, 4:37 pm
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Matthew L Bobiak sweeps Clash of the Clucks

What the cluck?! The champ just winged it!

Who knew Long Island loins were laced with such precious pixie dust, resulting in superstar spawn including Billy Joel, Harvey Milk, Walt Whitman and its newest It-Boy, Matthew L. Bobiak.

Gloating grease-stained and triumphant in the pic above above, the full-time science nerd/part-time chicken-chomping champ studies at Stony Brook University. New to competitive nom nom nomming, this  fowl player entered and won his first chicken wing eating contest last Sunday at the Velvet Lounge, downing a gristly 65 wings in 15 minutes… Continue reading

The Older Woman Files: My Younger Boyfriend Gets Me (Even More) Carded
February 1, 2010, 6:01 pm
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The Older Woman Files My Younger Boyfriend Gets Me Carded

Booze clues: Legal or not?

Thanks to botoxPearl Cream, a cursed portrait genetics, at 32 I can still pass as a school girl. Like me, My Younger Boyfriend also defies age. While some guys bald and bloat at 25, his emo locks, skinny jeans and custom Dunks could land him the role of American sk8r at Degrassi High.

For the most part, our kiddie looks are fodder for fun, like the time we crashed the 8th grade prom in Irvington, VA. (“You two have to leave. No, not after ‘Lollipop.’ Now.”) BUT, it can be frustrating when we’re mistaken for kids in grown up situations… Continue reading