(A Nude) Little Beach on Maui, Hawaii: Nakey Bakey!
January 11, 2010, 6:10 pm
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Naked drum circle at Little Beach Maui

Maui, wowie!

Just got back from New Years on the sun-soaked isle and had to give some skins to Little Beach, a sandy haven for nudists, free spirits and buds of Mary Jane in Makena State Park. We went on a Sunday when the clear waves were crashing, the drums a-thumping, and a vast assortment of buns toasting in the midday sun…

I know a lot of folks are squeamish about nudity. Some are prudes (“It’s so inappropriate, TMI!”), others insecure (“I don’t want anyone to see my fat/bones/rash/wang/boobs/butt/vajayjay.”), and plenty snobby (“Models only please. Otherwise, cover it up, Fatty/Skinny/Rashy/Wangy/Booby/Butty/Vajayjay-y!”).

Yawnz. All that says more about the concerned parties than the nakertons running free.

Now, I know that nude beaches can be shady. I went to one in Miami that was a skeevy flex-off of a meat market that made me long for a body condom before I jumped in the waves. I can see why people would shy away from a shoreline of erections, bulbous and fake ta-tas, and whispered propositions that sound like espionage code (“The eagle is landing where to do what??”).

But thankfully, Little Beach isn’t like that. Drawing a hippie/stoner crowd (that isn’t even entirely naked), the beach draws a range of ages and body types who just want to frolic free and groove to the Sunday drum circle. People happily share their sunblock, boogie boards, and other tasty treats.

No arched-eyebrow body scans. No snide reviews. No sexual advances. No tan lines. Just people body surfing (naked!), drinking wine from the bottle (naked!), eating sandwiches (naked!) and chilling with friends (naked!).

It’s so normal, and so relaxed, and so full of people who are comfortable with themselves…it’s almost as if those people swathed in fabric, obstructing the cool breeze, the ferocious waves and the blazing sun are the weirdos.


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Loving how you listed every part of the anatomy that needs coverin, and a nude beach connoisseur!

Don’t stop the *POP*, bebe!

Comment by Ian

damn that looks like a good time! there weren’t any such places in honolulu although I did see the tiniest string sling on this huge guy and caught him both belly up and belly down.

Comment by avisualperson

Hey! thats me! and Billy and John and Robin
Im so happy you had a wonderful time on our little beach!
every person ive ever met on maui i invite them there hahahaha
whos the photographer. i might remember seeing you, talking to you…

Comment by josh

My wife and I went there on our honeymoon and met a nice couple Chuck and Lisa who are regulars. Lost touch with them which is a shame as they were really nice and made us feel very comfortable for our first time naked

Comment by cool couple

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