A Drinking Game for “Amelia!” Toast to Earhart, Swank, Gere and McGregor!
October 22, 2009, 11:49 pm
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In-flight beverages for all!

Amelia Earhart was gangster. She wasn’t just THE record-breaking, precedent-making, dominant aviatrix (dominatrix?) of the air. She was also a career girl, extra-marital nookie-nabber and globe-trotter with her own line of waffle irons. Just ask the biopic “Amelia,” opening this weekend.

Huh? What was that? You don’t know if you can sit through a history lesson? It’s the weekend and you just want to unwind and have fun?

We don’t advocate alcoholism, but DO appreciate a good drinking game. We caught a sneak peek of “Amelia” and made one just for you!

Raise your seat backs and prepare for take-off. In-flight beverages for all (over 21, duh)…

Mix and match cues from the list below to customize your viewing/drinking game experience!

Take a swig whenever:

  • someone says “money”
  • someone sports a fine fur accessory
  • the screen fades to white (cloud fades=2 swigs)
  • wild animal(s) appear onscreen (though not as fine fur accessory)
  • there’s voice-over (deep metaphors in voice-over=2 swigs)
  • there’s newsreel
  • there’s a newspaper clipping
  • the tomboyish Hilary Swank rocks a mannish ensemble, reminding us that she was pretty damn attractive as a dude in her Oscar-getter “Boys Don’t Cry”
  • you want the smoove, tuxedoed Ewan McGregor (who plays lover Gene Vidal, dad to Gore) to burst into song, a la “Moulin Rouge!”
  • you want the smoove, tuxedoed Ewan McGregor to whip out a lightsaber
  • you want to focus on Richard Gere’s performance as George Putnam but find yourself wondering about the Dalai Lama, the meaning of life, or gerbils
  • you wonder if perhaps Amelia Earhart actually flew to The Island and is caught in a freaky time loop with Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid and the crew.  Send her back, Jacob! Send her baAAAck!

Save travels! 😉


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Comment by theBunnurtle

Awesome you should think of sonmhtieg like that

Comment by Jayden

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