Stewart’s Andrea Tarka: Fist-Pumping APopPunkcalypse!
September 29, 2009, 2:21 pm
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Last Thursday, I needed to take a shower. You know how it goes, time just moves so fast watching LOL Cats compilations, days disappear and suddenly your hair is all Dippety-Do, only yuckzo, it’s Dippity-You. BUT. Stewart was playing at Fontana’s. STEWART!

Decisions, derisions. My body had already burned holes through my clothes, so what else to lose? I headed to the rollicking pop-punk band, fronted by the orsum Andrea Tarka. She writes songs with her manz (and lead guitar) Johnny White and lured hotties Chris Clement (bass) and Kevin Cerovich (drums) to round out the sounds.

The Apopcalypse scored a triple dooper bonus chat with Andrea. See what she has to say about running shiz, mixing bizness with hawt, raunchy, pleasure, and The Apopcalypse of Punk… Continue reading

Ye Olde Tights, Ta-tas and Turkey Legs: The Last Day of Ren Faire
September 21, 2009, 7:16 pm
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Unsheathe that pec-tacular babe's bodkin!

Anon! Unsheathe your bodkin, pec-tacular babe!

Huzzah for the Renaissance Fair in Tuxedo, NY!

My first Ren Faire was the season’s last. On Sunday I joined wenches, wizards, knights, gypsies, the elf-eared, horn-headed and just plain horny (corsets/bewbage+D&D nerds= level 29 erections) for a final fairy-dusted fix.

Fun? Sure. I shot arrows and threw axes and stars and knives. I drank mead (like a white Manischewitz) and munched a turkey leg (bland with BBQ sauce). I watched one guy blow glass and one smith metal. Others brawled over the size and skill of their lances.

So what if the orange ices weren’t the sugar-soaked globes one friend remembered, and the George Washington Bridge was a pain in thine arse coming home? The medieval mini-mall evoked a simpler time when layers were sexy, steak came on a stake and The Salad Toss was a bean bag throwing game and not a dirty euphemism for chamber potty-brains.

Have you got a Ren Tale to tell? A facinerous fetish of yore? Dish!